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Buck Run Trail                  

A moderate trail with several steep sections that travels through a variety of habitats.   Total Distance, ¾ mile

Poke Hollow Trail           

A beautiful and unique trail that travels through a variety of forest types. The trail climbs steadily past two cemeteries and then follows a ridge to the highest point of the park then descends and follows a creek back to the parking area. About 450 ft. change in elevation. Total Distance, 3-½ miles

Cliffside Trail                    

Cliffside Trail by D. Winters 1st Day of Autumn - Sept. 22, 2013 A nice gentle hike along a ridge top, but becomes rocky and strenuous at outer loop that goes through a natural rhododendron thicket. There are two prominent vistas on the outer loop. Total Distance, 3 ½ miles.

Falls Trail            

Starts out on a paved trail to the first falls, Marsh Fork Falls, then breaks into a loop going down along the creek to the second of the two twin falls, Black Fork Falls, and then curves back on itself on an old park road. Moderate rolling trail with varying terrain.  Total Distance, 1-¼ miles.

Hemlock Trail                                   

The trail gradually descends from the campground, on a path dominated by hemlock, rhododendron, and other plants and follows a stream and ends at the intersection of the Nature Trail and Falls Trail.  Total Distance, 1-¼ miles

Huckleberry Trail

A  loop trail that has some moderately steep sections all along it.  Part of the trail follows the outer boundary of the Pioneer Farm. Total Distance, 1-1/3 miles.

Nature Trail       

A moderately steep loop trail that has a variety of natural objects and animals that can be seen all along the trail including Maples, Rhododendron, Magnolia, birds, salamanders, and many other natural features. Total Distance, 1-¼ miles.

Still Run Ridge Trail       

The trail combines rolling and steep terrain as it meanders through the forest and goes through an old field with an old farm structure which provides an opportunity to experience beautiful sunsets. Total Distance,  2-½ miles.

Twin Oaks Trail

A gentle paved walk through the woods that can be enjoyed by all. Total Distance, ¼ mile.

Horsepen Knob Trail                     

A loop trail that goes by old farm foundations and through a varying forest on a moderately steep trail. Some of the field areas are reverting back to forest. Total Distance, 2-½ miles

Pathfinder Trail

The trail has a moderate grade that goes through a variety of habitats and along a ridge. It is steep in places with an elevation gain of about 500ft. Total Distance, 2-½ miles

Moonshiners Trail

A Hiking/biking single track loop trail that is rolling with varied terrain. Some substantial climbs. Beginner/intermediate bikers. Total Distance, 3-¼ miles.

Rocky Road Trail              

Hiking/biking single track trail with rocky areas and some significant climbs and varying terrain.  Connected to Moonshiners Trail. Intermediate biking trail.  Total Distance, 4 miles.

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