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How big are the water falls?

About a 20 foot drop. Because the falls are on two small streams at the extreme upper limit of the Mississippi River watershed, they are seasonal. Both falls are usually dry or just a trickle by mid-June to November when the winter rain and snow begin again.

Do you have fishing on the park?

No, we do not have any bodies of water on the park. There are two small seasonal streams but they do not have fish.

Do your cottages have indoor plumbing?

Yes. Twin Fall's cottages have all the comforts of home. Several other State Parks are fortunate to have CCC-era rustic log cabins which include wood cook stoves, pump water, and outdoor facilites.

Do your cottages or rooms have jacuzzis, hot tubs, or saunas?

No they do not.

Do you have an indoor pool?

No. Twin Falls has an outdoor public pool that is open daily 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Saturday of Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. An indoor pool for overnight lodge and cabins guests is located at the lodge.

Do you have minature golf?

No. We have five playgrounds that include: play structures, volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts.

What is the elevation and size of Twin Falls State Park?

The highest point in the park is 2,480 feet above sea level. Most of the high points in the park are within 100 feet of this elevation. The park has 3,776 acres, about 400 of which is developed.

How many hiking trails are there?

There are eleven trails that vary in length from the gentle paved 1/4 mile long Twin Oaks Trail to the rugged 3 mile Cliffside Trail.
For a copy of a trail map, click here

What is the Hatfield-McCoy ATV Trail?

They describe themselves as “The place where wild and wonderful mountains have combined with trails heaven to create the nationally recognized Hatfield-McCoy Trails. The trails are located in the rich mountains of Appalachia in southern West Virginia. Deep valleys mixed with tight and twisting trails tempt the daring soul to push further, whether the chosen form of transportation is an ATV, dirtbike, a horse, mountain bike or your own two legs. West Virginia is known as “Almost Heaven” and it’s no coincidence the Hatfield-McCoy Trails have become known as “TrailsHeaven.” Southern hospitality combines with over 500 miles of trails (more in progress), to form life-long memories and create an experience you will want to repeat again and again.”

Is the Hatfield-McCoy ATV Trail connected to Twin Falls State Park?

No it is not. The Castle Rock Trailhead of the Pinnacle Creek Trail of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails is about 15 miles from the park. The Pinnacle Creek trail system consists of approximately 105 total miles of trail. Forty four percent of the trails are green trails (easiest), thirty five percent are blue trails (more difficult), twenty one percent are black trails (most difficult). Access from the park is through Pineville, WV, the nearest town to the park.

Can I ride my ATV from Twin Falls State Park to the Hatfield-McCoy Trail?

No. You may not operate an unlicensed motorized vehicle anywhere on Twin Falls State Park. It is acceptable to trailer your ATV onto the park but the ATV must remain on the trailer. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails on the park.

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